Current Projects

Sub-surface Environments Project

Subsurface energy

Improving the effective and equitable use of the shallow subsurface as a thermal resource by combining data and modelling.

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Urban Energy Planning

Energy Planning

Exploring the use of data science tools to improve understanding and modelling of urban energy use.

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Urban agriculture

Understanding and modelling the impact of plants on the built environment including greenhouses and building-integrated agriculture

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Data-centric Energy Modeling

Using monitored energy data to understand and model energy demand across diverse spatial and temporal scales

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Past Projects

placeholder image 2 B.bem: the Bayesian building management portal


B.bem project explored transforming conventional energy analysis processes to support the future energy management of existing non-domesting buildings

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placeholder image 2 CiMo Model


A bottom-up engineering model of energy demand, supply, and emissions from buildings and surface transport at the city scale.

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